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Contract Manufacturer

private label capsulesPrivate Label – Turnkey products

We have hundreds of stock formulas and products ready for your custom label and brand.  Some of our private label products include single and combination remedies, vitamins, herbal extracts, minerals, amino acids, glandular, probiotics and more.

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Product Development- Formulation

Apotheca offers the finest product development, guidance, and support. With an in-house laboratory using high-tech analytical equipment and on-staff Ph.D.’s and specialists, we are available to review your existing product formulations or help you create new ones.

Product Manufacture

With quality raw materials, standardized manufacturing processes and stringent product testing, we are able to manufacture products for you that will be consistent, order after order. We know that consistency and reliability are extremely important to you − they are extremely important to Apotheca as well.Custom Packaging

Customized Packaging

At Apotheca not only do you have formulation options, but you also have the option to create your own look. With a variety of choices, you can create the look and feel you are trying to achieve from the color or style of container, to the delivery method that is most appropriate (droppers, sprayers, tablets, capsules, mints, etc.).

We pay close attention to details ensuring that your products not only work the best as possible, but also look the best. We will make sure that each product label is accurately placed on every single product container; and for the safety of your customer, each container will be sealed with a tamper-evident shrink or seal.


Apotheca knows how important your privacy is. We will never reveal to anyone that we manufacture products for you and we will never disclose any information about your company or your company’s product formulations. We respect your privacy and will sign a Confidentiality Agreement to support this.

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