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herb extractionFor decades Apotheca has produced the finest liquid botanical extracts that represent the full-spectrum of the original plant. More than 600 botanicals are available to be produced as single herbal extracts or used in combinations formulated for specific health conditions.

The freshest herbs (organic if available) are sourced from ethical and reliable suppliers around the world. We use Spagyric processing methods of extraction to produce quality liquefied herbals. This method uses the whole herb. Alternative extraction methods (such as distillation, cold percolation, and agitation) dispose of the herb material after the extraction and do not incorporate the whole herb. It is our belief that whole herb extracts provide the greatest potential for healing results which otherwise may be lost with other extraction methods.

Through our specialized process your herbal extracts will have little exposure to oxygen, reducing the chances of oxidation.  This helps your herbal extract retain more of its natural colors.