Product Manufacture

Apotheca is more than your traditional contract manufacturer – through our unique customer advocacy process our experienced team will guide you through each step from product formulation and innovation to shipment of finished goods. We provide one-stop services including research and formulation, project management, raw material sourcing, packaging and labeling, manufacturing, and quality control. With two convenient locations, Apotheca is able to provide you with products that will be consistent, order after order. We know that consistency and reliability are extremely important to you − they are extremely important to us as well.

Our facilities include over 235,000 square feet of production and warehousing located in Iowa and Georgia. Our modern facilities offer manufacturing of liquid homeopathics and herbals, homeopathic tablets and gels/pastes. With packaging capabilities ranging from bulk to retail size and flexible batch sizes, we can manage all of your manufacturing and packaging needs. A full-service in-house Quality Assurance department staffed with a team of professionals ensures all products meet strict quality control parameters. We are committed to the quality of your product and the success of your brand.

Product Development- Formulation

Apotheca offers the finest product development, guidance, and customer support. With an in-house laboratory using state-of-the-art analytical equipment and on-staff Ph.D.’s, naturopathic doctors, and industry experts, we are available to review your existing product formulations or assist you with creating new ones.

Customized Packaging

At Apotheca, we offer a variety of packaging options. Achieve your unique brand look through your choice of the color or style of container, delivery method (droppers, sprayers, tablets, tubes, pumps, blister packaging, etc.), and label and carton design.

We pay close attention to detail ensuring both package integrity and attractiveness. Quality checks are performed throughout the manufacturing process to ensure your products are being appropriately packaged and sealed for the safety of your customers.


We understand that entrusting your product to a contract manufacturer is a serious decision and we know how important your privacy is. We ensure strict confidentiality regarding your company, products and formulations. We honor your privacy and sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement to support this.

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